TN 31 (08-05)

GN 00307.615 Evidence of Age From Latvia

A. Background

Prior to 1922, births were registered with church authorities. In 1922, Latvia was divided into administrative districts and local civil authorities became responsible for birth registrations.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has limited information on, and experience with, vital statistics records from Latvia. However, SSA does have some basic information which affects its evaluation of these records:

  • delayed birth registrations are common;

  • until 1969 there was no time limit for registering births; and

  • when official changes are made in birth records they are NOT identified as such in subsequent certifications of those records. There is no way to look at a birth certificate and determine what, if any, information was changed or added at a later date and when that was done. Changes can be made through court proceedings or upon submittal of adequate evidence to the record's custodian.

B. Policy

SSA does not assume recordation dates for documents from Latvia. Civil and religious birth records must contain recordation dates.

SSA accepts a Latvian birth certificate at face value if it:

  • contains a recordation date; and

  • is supported by secondary evidence issued (not recorded) at least 5 years before the claimant first filed for benefits.

EXCEPTION: Recordation dates can be assumed for Roman Catholic baptismal records if the five items listed in item GN 00307.105A.2.d. are shown on the baptismal certificate.


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