TN 31 (08-05)

GN 00307.636 Evidence From Lithuania

A. Introduction

Generally, the civil vital statistics records in Lithuania are reliable and birth records are available for most people born in that country.

However, there are indications of fraudulent activity in issuing religious records and in counterfeiting secondary evidence. Although few of the problems with secondary evidence have been in connection with Social Security claims, SSA must be alert to the possibility of receiving such evidence in claims for benefits.

B. Policy

SSA does not assume recordation dates for civil or religious vital statistics records from Lithuania.

1. Civil records

Civil birth records are reliable and are accepted at face value. They must contain recordation dates.

2. Religious records

a. Evidence of age

SSA accepts a religious record of birth or baptism at face value if it:

  • shows a recordation date; and

  • is supported by secondary evidence issued (not just recorded) at least 5 years before the claimant first filed for benefits.

Baptismal certificates issued in Lithuania cannot be evaluated under the criteria in GN 00307.105A.2.d. and GN 00307.110.

b. Evidence of marriage and death

SSA accepts a religious record of marriage or death if it is supported by a civil record or secondary evidence.

c. Secondary evidence

SSA carefully examines secondary evidence from Lithuania in light of evidence from other countries and statements in file.

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