TN 31 (08-05)

GN 00307.671 Claimant Submits a Birth Certificate Issued by a Local Civil Registry Official in Mexico

A. Policy

1. General

Absent information to the contrary, SSA accepts a birth certificate which was issued by a local civil registry official in Mexico and appears to have been established before age 5 as shown in GN 00307.671A.2. and GN 00307.671A.3.

EXCEPTIONS: The procedures in GN 00307.671A.2. and GN 00307.671A.3. do not apply to:

  1. Delayed birth certificates which will be evaluated in accordance with GN 00302.540; or

  2. Any document other than a local civil birth certificate used to establish the claimant's DB.

2. At Face Value

SSA accepts a certificate which meets the criteria in GN 00307.671A.1. at face value if it:

  1. Was issued (not just recorded) before age 5 by a local civil authority other than one listed in GN 00307.673;

  2. Was secured by an FSP in Mexico from the custodian of the birth records; or

  3. Is supported by secondary evidence (see GN 00307.671B.) recorded at least 5 years before the claimant initially filed for monthly benefits.

3. For Adjudicative Purposes (DB Not Established)

SSA accepts a birth certificate which meets the criteria in GN 00307.671A.1. for adjudicative purposes (DB not established) without further development if the:

a. DB is Not Material to Payment of Benefits

DB is not material to the payment of benefits (e.g., a B2 or E claim); or

Use a proof code (PF) of “A” to show the date of birth has not been established. Show in red “BC NOT VERIFIED BY FSP” on the back of the birth certificate. Development as outlined in GN 00307.671B.will be necessary if age later becomes a factor of entitlement.

b. Claim Will Be Denied

The claim will be denied (e.g., for lack of insured status). Annotate the birth certificate and use a PF code as explained in a. above.

B. Procedure — POA Development

1. General

If the conditions in GN 00307.671A.1. and GN 00307.671A.2. are not met, get secondary evidence of the type listed in GN 00302.100B. which was recorded at least 5 years before the claimant first filed for benefits. (This may include an SS-5 or numident showing the claimant filed for an SSN and gave the same DB.)

NOTE: This secondary evidence can include a document issued by a local civil authority in Mexico if the:

  1. Document was issued at least 5 years before the claimant initially filed for benefits; or

  2. Source record was examined by an FSP representative. ( Do not request verification of Mexican evidence just to meet this requirement.)

2. Action on Secondary Evidence

a. Secondary Evidence in Material Agreement With DB on Local Civil Birth Certificate

Accept the birth certificate at face value.

b. No Supporting Evidence or Evidence Supports Another DB

Request preadjudicative verification of the birth certificate by the FSP servicing the State in which it was issued if the:

  • Claimant has no secondary evidence which supports the DB on the birth certificate;

  • File contains several pieces of secondary evidence of comparative value which support a materially different DB; or

  • More convincing secondary evidence supports a materially different DB.

Request postadjudicative verification and partially adjudicate the claim using the least advantageous DB if:

  • Convincing evidence (as explained in GN 00302.115, GN 00302.118 and GN  00302.125 for claimants residing in the U.S. and GN 00307.150 for claimants outside the U.S.) shows a DB which would entitle the claimant to benefits; and

  • The claimant meets all the requirem