TN 31 (08-05)

GN 00307.677 FO or PC Action on FSP Report - Mexico

A. Procedure

Review the claims file with the FSP development.

If the review shows....


FSP development does not affect claim,

no action is necessary.

additional development is needed to resolve discrepancies,

undertake development through the FO or FSP.

an allegation of pre-age 5 evidence that was not checked by the FSP,

obtain complete identifying information and ask the FSP to get the evidence. Do not ask the claimant to get it.

fraud exists,

route the folder to the Center for Security and Integrity for possible prosecution.

B. Policy

If the claimant submits another birth certificate from the same source as a previous one which was found to be incorrect or without basis, SSA does not accept it at face value.

SSA asks the FSP to determine the basis for the second certificate's issuance. SSA advises the FSP of the results of the prior investigation.

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