TN 31 (08-05)

GN 00307.722 Delayed Birth Records From Nicaragua

A. Introduction

Under Nicaraguan law, a delayed birth record can be created if a birth was never registered or the original record was destroyed. Changes can also be made to correct errors.

The local judge and Ministry of Justice must approve repositions. The evidence on which they are based and their format vary; but, they show either that they are based on legal proceedings and/or are from a book of repositions. The birth registers show references to repositions to alert registrars to their existence.

B. Kinds of birth records

The following three kinds of birth records can be used/issued by Nicaraguan authorities:

  • A reposition is used to recreate destroyed records, to record an unrecorded birth or to correct errors in the original registration.

  • A rectification is issued sometimes when a reposition corrects an original record.

  • A reinstatement is issued sometimes when a reposition replaces a destroyed record.

C. Policy

SSA evaluates repositions, rectifications and reinstatements as delayed birth records. SSA assumes such a certificate was based on the testimony of the individual unless the certificate shows otherwise.

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