TN 31 (08-05)

GN 00307.787 Evidence from Russia

A. Introduction

The authorities in Russia (i.e., the Russian Federation) will not grant SSA free access to vital statistics records in that country. Thus, neither SSA, nor the Department of State acting for SSA, can:

  • request certifications of records (either for SSA or directly from the custodians of those records); or

  • examine the source records on which certifications of civil and religious records are based.

B. Policy

SSA does not make any assumptions about the reliability of the information shown on civil or religious documents from Russia or the basis on which the documents were issued. This includes documents issued prior to 1992 by sources:

  • within the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic; or

  • outside the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic for events which occurred within Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic.

SSA evaluates Russian documents as statements made at the time the document was issued and based on statements made by the interested party(ies) at the time the document was issued.

For example, a Russian birth certificate is submitted which was issued on October 2, 1994 and shows the claimant was born on September 15, 1933, as recorded on September 20, 1933. SSA does not assume that it was based on a record made in 1933. SSA assumes that the birth certificate was based on statements made on October 2, 1994.

C. Procedure

Do not request evidence from Russia. Develop for other evidence.

If the claimant submits Russian evidence, evaluate it as explained in GN 00307.787B.

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