TN 26 (11-99)

GN 00307.954 Civil Records From Macedonia and Montenegro

A. Introduction

Since the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade is closed, it cannot assist SSA in obtaining evidence or verifying documents issued in Bosnia-Herzegovina. However, there is U.S. mail service to this country, and claimants can request birth records from civil registries in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

B. Procedure

Ask the claimant to submit a civil birth record. Evaluate the document as explained in GN 00307.950B.

Develop for other evidence of age if there is a question about the recordation date or other material information on the birth record.

If the claimant lives in the U.S., develop for convincing evidence as explained in
GN 00302.115, GN 00302.118 and GN 00302.125. If the claimant lives outside the U.S., develop as explained in GN 00307.150C.

Generally, do not ask a claimant living outside Bosnia-Herzegovina to obtain a religious record since religious authorities do not respond promptly to requests from abroad.

If no reply has been received within 120 days to the claimant's request for a birth record from Bosnia-Herzegovina, assume none will be received. Do not follow up on the claimant's request as required in GN 00302.350C.2. and GN 00307.150D.

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