TN 26 (11-99)

GN 00307.958 Developing Evidence of Age for a Person Born in Montenegro

A. Introduction

Many of the civil records in Montenegro were destroyed during WWII. The reconstructions of these records were usually based on the testimony of third parties and are not reliable. Certifications of the reconstructed records often do not show they are reconstructed records.

As there is no postal service from the U.S. to Montenegro, individuals in the U.S. cannot request records from that country. In addition, since the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade has closed, SSA cannot verify birth records from Montenegro.

B. Policy

The following records are considered reliable and accepted at face value:

  • Those actually issued before 1941; and

  • Those for events after 1948.

SSA makes no assumptions about the reliability or basis for the information shown on civil birth records from Montenegro for births before 1949. SSA evaluates such a document as a record made at the time the document was issued based on statements by the interested party(ies) or third parties at the time the document was issued.

C. Procedure

Do not request evidence from Montenegro. Develop for other evidence of age.

If the claimant lives in the U.S., develop for convincing evidence as explained in
GN 00302.115, GN 00302.118 and GN 00302.125. If the claimant lives outside the U.S., develop as explained in GN 00307.150C.

If the claimant submits a civil birth record, evaluate it as explained in GN 00307.958B.

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