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GN 00312.200 Jamaica – Vital Statistics Records

A. Procedure – Civil Birth, Marriage, Adoption and Death Certificates

When requesting a birth certificate, include the following information:

  • Full name at birth (and subsequent nicknames and baptismal name);

  • Parents' full names, including mother's maiden name, (and nicknames) at the time of the birth;

  • Date of birth (and any others the applicant may have used);

  • Parish, district and town of birth;

  • Names and dates of birth of siblings, if possible; and

  • Registration number, if known.

1. Office to Contact

Registrar General Department
Tiickenham Park Spanish Town
St. Catherine, Jamaica

2. Fee

$650.00 Jamaican if the entry number is provided.

$750.00 Jamaican if the entry number is not provided.

Additional copies are $100.00 Jamaican each.

For processing within 7 days, include an additional $500.00 Jamaican.

For same day processing, include an additional $1,000.00 Jamaican.

Payment must be by International Money Order.

B. Procedure – Religious Records

1. Office to Contact

a. Anglican Church

2 Caledonia Avenue
Kingston 5

b. Roman Catholic Records for Kingston and St. Andrew's Areas

Holy Trinity Cathedral

c. Other Churches

Local church where event occurred.

2. Fee


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