Basic (06-10)

GN 00401.015 Disaster Response Reports

Maintain complete and accurate records at all times to aid in the preparation of status reports and to document the incident for historical purposes. All information, records, and logs accumulated during the incident should be completed, distributed, and filed for future reference.

If the Regional Commissioner (RC) or designee determines that the region should prepare a report on the number of claims taken because of disaster procedures invoked, take the following actions:

A. Field Office

Prepare and send to the requesting RC one copy of the Disaster Report for each SSN on which an individual files a claim. (Disaster Exhibit 3 —GN 00410.050C)

B. Regional Office

Forward the report(s) to this address:


Office of the Actuary

Room 760 Altmeyer Building

6401 Security Boulevard

Baltimore, Maryland 21235-6401

C. Office of the Actuary

Prepare and send a report to the requesting RC for use in a news release when appropriate.

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