TN 6 (09-97)

GN 00505.038 Public Trustee in Norway

Public trustees (Overformynderi) may be appointed by the appropriate court to act on behalf of a minor when it is found there is nobody exercising parental authority. Public trustees may also be appointed by the court to act on behalf of adults who have been found incapable of managing their affairs. Any application to serve as payee filed by a public trustee should be accompanied by a copy of the court order appointing the public trustee. For clarification, it should be noted that Norway's system of courts includes one which is known as a “Board of Conciliation.”

The public trustee will usually appoint a trustee who will be in direct contact with the beneficiary and will be responsible to the public trustee regarding the use of funds available to the beneficiary. Since the public trustee's term of office is for 2 years, the payee legend should not include the public trustee's name, but instead should show his title; e.g., Public Trustee for Mary Johnson.

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GN 00505.038 - Public Trustee in Norway - 09/19/1997
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