TN 8 (11-06)

GN 00506.120 Making the Determination on Fees for Service

A. Policy

The reviewing official in the servicing FO is responsible for making the approval or denial on a Fee for Service application; i.e., SSA-445, Application to Collect a Fee for Payee Services. This reviewer must be a member of management. (OS, MSS or above)

The FO must establish a paper precedent file for each organizational payee in which copies of the application, bond and/or insurance certificates, licensing agreement (provided that licensing is available in the State), an eRPS list of beneficiaries served, the completed site review forms, and copies of the Fee For Service screens (MS INTRANTERPS 014.008 and 015.004) must be kept for future reference.

They must conduct a six-month educational visit to ensure that all new FFS payees fully understand their duties and responsibilities that includes regular contact with the beneficiaries. See GN 00605.445 for more information on educational visits.

B. Procedure

1. SSA Determination

Make the determination within 30 calendar days of the date of the application, and sign and date the SSA-445. Use the eRPS Fee For Service screens (MS INTRANTERPS 014.008 and 015.004) to authorize and document the evidence used to establish that the applicant qualifies as an authorized organization.

2. eRPS Inputs

Establish the Fee for Service indicator on eRPS Fee For Service screen per the instructions in MS INTRANETERPS 014.008.

  • If the organization is approved, document the Fee For Service screen with the information regarding the organizations' authorization to charge a fee. (See MS INTRANETERPS 014.008)

  • The Fee For Service screen should be documented with any other information such as when an exception is granted to authorize a creditor. (See MS INTRANETERPS 015.004)

  • If the organization is NOT approved, document the Fee For Service screen and the Make Note screen with the reason for the denial.

NOTE: Remember that the Fee for Service screen has restricted access. Only OS's, MSS's or above have access to it.

3. Issue Appropriate Notice

Issue the appropriate notice (i.e., approval or denial notice) and file the documentation in the paper precedent file to be kept in the FO. Send copies of the approval notice to your RO.

4. Creditors

Authorize the organization to collect a fee for representative payee services if an exception to the creditor restriction is granted (GN 00506.100B.3.b.). Review each beneficiary's relationship with the organization individually.

C. References

GN 00506.150 - Requests for Review of Fee for Service Decisions

GN 00506.170 - Establishing Information on Fees for Service Organizations and the Beneficiaries They Serve

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