TN 29 (03-09)

GN 00605.365 Title XVI and Concurrent Return and Review of the Final Accounting Form

A. Establishing a diary

Establish a 30-day diary from the date of the request for the return of the final accounting form and any conserved funds.

B. When the final accounting form is not returned

If the completed final accounting form is not received after the 30-day diary matures, the FO will follow the normal development rules for follow-ups to the former payee. If the FO is still unable to secure a final accounting and determine if the payee is holding conserved funds, they will document their efforts on the Make Note screen of the eRPS. No further action is required.

NOTE: Whenever a former payee ignores SSA’s request to submit a final accounting, eRPS should be checked to determine if the former payee is presently serving as payee on another account. The payee’s non-cooperation may be cause to investigate their suitability on any other accounts on which they serve.

C. Final accounting form returned

When the final accounting form is returned, take the following steps:



FO reviews Title XVI and concurrent cases.


Follow procedures for an annual accounting in GN 00605.060GN 00605.074


Cancel all diary controls related to final accounting


Process reported and returned conserved funds as indicated in GN 00605.370

The FO should fax the approved accounting form to the Non Disability Repository for Evidentiary Documents (NDRed) for storage. See GN 00301.310 The Non-Disability Repository for Evidentiary Documents (NDRed) Application – Overview.

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