TN 25 (07-06)

GN 00605.523 Onsite Review Team Composition

A. Introduction

A review team consisting of two or three people should be sufficient to conduct an onsite review provided they are knowledgeable of representative payee policies and procedures and can share the responsibilities equally. Depending on the beneficiary population of the facility, it may be helpful to have both a title II and a title XVI staff member serve on the review team. If possible, the review team should also include someone from the servicing FO in order to establish or maintain open lines of communication.

B. Process

The RO is responsible for assigning reviewers to conduct onsite reviews. The composition of the review team may vary by region or State. If the reviewers are not experienced in conducting onsite reviews, the RO must provide the necessary training in advance of the scheduled onsite review.

In order to provide the State/institution with immediate feedback on recommendations, the review team should be prepared to discuss its findings and be able to answer questions about program policy issues.

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