TN 25 (07-06)

GN 00605.540 Introductory Meeting at the Institution

A. Introduction

Each member of the review team is provided with a copy of the completed Form SSA-9584-BK in advance of the scheduled onsite review. A few days prior to the visit to the institution, you should confirm arrangements with the director’s office for an introductory meeting which usually takes place at the beginning of the visit. You may also provide the list of sample beneficiaries at this time in order to have all of the financial records available for review at the conclusion of the introductory meeting. Generally, the meeting topics will include:

  • A brief explanation of the onsite program;

  • Discussion of those aspects of the institution's policies which are not addressed or explained in the completed policy questionnaire (Form SSA-9584-BK); and

  • Clarification of any remaining issues.

B. Procedure

If you have not already done so, before the introductory meeting begins give the facility contact a list of the sample beneficiaries and ask that the fiscal records for each beneficiary be retrieved for review at the conclusion of the meeting. Also, request that someone provide the review team with complete information regarding the room location/building of the in-hospital beneficiaries and an indication as to whether or not each beneficiary can be talked to briefly. Explain that you wish to see the patients. If the institution official refuses permission for you to talk to any beneficiary, ask if you may at least see him. If this request is also refused, do not insist unless you are denied permission to see most or all of the sample beneficiaries. If this should happen, contact the RO.

NOTE: You should not insist upon seeing a beneficiary if you are informed that it is medically inadvisable; for example, if the beneficiary is in isolation for a contagious disease or is agitated and prone to violence.

Since the introductory meeting will involve all facets of the institution’s policies and practices, staff present at this meeting should include representatives of the medical and/or nursing staff, the social service department, the financial staff, and the facility director or someone whom he/she designates. You may ask each representative to complete an attendance sheet, indicating their full name, title, department, and phone number.

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