TN 25 (07-06)

GN 00605.542 Meeting Beneficiaries/Staff and Visiting Living Areas

A. Policy

The review team must obtain general information about the beneficiary's well-being, along with the atmosphere and general cleanliness of the facility. The reviewers should relate information obtained from the financial records to their visits with the beneficiaries.

B. Process

Observe the living areas and speak to as many of the sample beneficiaries as possible. The review team should determine whether or not the beneficiary’s needs are being met. Does the beneficiary know how much spending money is available for his or her use each month? If so, how does he or she get the money? For example, does the beneficiary sign a withdrawal ticket on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

If the beneficiary's records show a large purchase such as a compact disc player, television, bedroom furniture, etc., the reviewer should determine if the item is being used for the beneficiary or is at least in the area in which the beneficiary resides. The item should be marked to reflect beneficiary ownership where possible. If the item is not in the beneficiary's living area, find out where the item is and why it is no longer available to the beneficiary.

Interview staff members (social workers, nurses) designated as responsible for ensuring that the personal needs of the beneficiaries are being met to determine how purchases are made. Ask whether the facility maintains petty cash boxes or other similar funds to provide for the beneficiaries personal needs. For example, a petty cash fund is maintained at the nurses’ station to provide small amounts of money daily for a beneficiary’s use at the vending machines. If so, determine how records are maintained of the funds disbursed for each beneficiary.

The financial accounting along with beneficiary/staff interviews and facility observations provide evidence of the actual application of the stated policies and procedures.

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