TN 25 (07-06)

GN 00605.543 Feedback/Discussion of Findings

A. Introduction

At the conclusion of each onsite review, a wrap-up meeting should be held with the director and staff to discuss the review team’s findings and recommendations. The review team should be sure to note exemplary and satisfactory performance as well as be prepared to substantiate any criticisms of the institution's performance with specific examples of problem areas and suggestions of possible solutions.

B. Process

The discussion of the review team’s findings should reveal areas where improvement is needed and any additional features of the facility’s performance that are noteworthy. The facility staff should also have an opportunity to identify any problems they have with SSA and to ask questions. The wrap-up meetings are meant to further communication between the facility and SSA, to allow for facility input or explanation, to resolve areas of misunderstanding, and to discuss ideas for improvement. Most importantly, the wrap-up meetings allow corrective actions to begin immediately.

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