TN 25 (07-06)

GN 00605.553 Thank You to the State—Suggested Letter

At the conclusion of each State review, the RO should send a letter of thanks similar to the one below to the State expressing SSA's appreciation for the State's cooperation. The letter should be printed on SSA letterhead paper.






Commissioner of Mental Health



Dear Dr. :


Several months ago, you agreed to have your mental facilities continue their participation in the representative payee onsite review program. The field phase of the onsite program has now been completed.


The reviewers found your staff and the staff members at the facilities most cooperative and helpful.


When the analysis of our data is complete, we will send our report to you for comment prior to its being released in final.


We appreciate the assistance you and your staff provided in the onsite review.


Sincerely yours,


Regional Commissioner


NOTE: At the region's option, the “thank you” to the State may be included with the letter transmitting the draft onsite review report to the State.

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