TN 25 (07-06)

GN 00605.566 Acceptable Uses for Personal Spending

A. Policy

SSA encourages a payee to use good judgment in determining appropriate personal expenditures. All purchases should reflect a personal evaluation of the individual beneficiary's situation and needs.

B. Process

Personal needs expenditures may include the following:

  • Clothing—athletic shoes, bathing suits, boots, slippers, seasonal garments;

  • Convenience items—Cassette/CD player, clock, radio, watch, TV;

  • Health and hygiene items—brush/comb, cosmetics, hairdresser/barber costs, toiletries;

  • Hobby/craft items—art supplies, camera and film, cassette or video tapes;

  • Living area furnishings—bedspread, blanket, pillow, carpet, curtains;

  • Miscellaneous items—magazine subscriptions, restaurant meals, telephone calls to out-of-town relatives; or

  • Therapeutic equipment—book holder, electric wheelchair, hearing aid, walker, orthopedic shoes, shower and bathroom chairs.

    Additional examples of acceptable uses of benefits are contained in GN 00602.010—Current Maintenance Needs for Institutionalized Beneficiaries. This list is not intended to be exhaustive or restrictive. Despite the fact that the items listed are acceptable as far as SSA is concerned, a beneficiary's personal funds are not to be used to purchase items which normally should be provided by the facility or covered under a State or Federal program.

    The representative payee should contact the servicing FO for guidance if he/she has any questions concerning the type or amount of a specific expenditure.

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