TN 25 (07-06)

GN 00605.572 Follow-up Activities of Onsite Review

A. Policy

With the exception of items requiring immediate attention, the RO should allow the State a maximum of 90 days to implement the report recommendations.

B. Process

It is especially important to follow-up on all report recommendations where a serious deficiency has been noted, or where the State has ignored similar recommendations in past reports. Follow-up activities should increase the likelihood that action will be taken on the current recommendations.

In taking follow-up actions, several approaches may be used depending upon regional concerns. The RO may wish to contact the State directly or through the FO parallel to the State office. The RO may also initiate followup activities through the FO servicing the institution where changes are to be implemented.

OISP/OBDS is available to assist RO staff with their followup activities by providing additional background materials and technical or policy guidance in the representative payee area.

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