TN 7 (03-90)

GN 00905.100 FO Contacts with Residents of Canada

A. Policy

1. General

Contact Canadian residents by telephone, mail or in person. Personal contacts can take place in the U.S. or within Canada, as explained in 2.

2. Personal contact

Contacts must be at approved contact points under the conditions specified in agreements worked out with the Canadian Government. No other personal contacts can be made in Canada by FO employees.

B. Description of Canada- U.S. personal contact agreement

The Canadian Government has agreed to permit SSA FO employees to personally contact Canadian residents in Canada under the following conditions:

  • No permanent office can be established;

  • Places of contact will be arranged, as needed, by SSA regional offices by contact with Canadian officials when enough appointments have been arranged to justify the trip. Claimants will call at this room to discuss their claims and receive help with Social Security problems;

  • The SSA representative will not conduct any investigations, check local records or interview anyone outside the “contact station”; and

  • The SSA representative will notify the appropriate FBU when a “contact station” is initiated and ended. The FBU will be provided with information about the location, opening date, frequency of use, operating hours and closing date.

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