TN 10 (01-98)

GN 00905.350 Function of the FBU, Manila - Background

The Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) in Manila is the servicing office for Social Security claims and related matters for individuals residing in the Philippines.

The FBU will perform the following services:

  • Take and process applications, including the necessary development and investigation;

  • Develop and report post-entitlement events affecting the suspense, reinstatement and termination of benefits;

  • Make payee recommendations;

  • Handle preclaims inquiries, earnings discrepancies, etc.;

  • Participate in the foreign enforcement program;

  • Deliver personally all benefit checks for $5,000 or more, as well as the corresponding award or letter;

  • Protect the beneficiaries' interests against the demands of claims helpers;

  • Handle requests for assistance from SSA offices in the U.S.

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