TN 7 (03-90)

GN 00905.450 Social Security Program in Turkey


Experience has shown a high degree of fraud and the wide influence of claims helpers in certain areas. Thus, special procedures and policies have been designed for handling claims and claims related matters from residents of Turkey.

Although these procedures are designed primarily for the Elazig-Hozat area of the Adana consular district, they may be applied to other areas or consular districts.

The Elazig-Hozat area of the Adana consular district is about 300 miles from Adana. It includes Elazig and surrounding villages—Keban and Palu in the province of Elazig; Hozat, Cemisgezek and Pertek in Tunceli; Bingol.

With prior Regional Federal Benefits Officer (RFBO) authorization, a representative of the FSP in Adana makes a trip each year to the Elazig-Hozat area.  At that time, questions are answered, beneficiaries and claimants are interviewed, the existence and identity of beneficiaries is verified, investigations conducted, and any other pending issues are handled.

Contact the Division of International Operations (DIO) to request assistance or RFBO authorization from the Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) for Turkey located in Greece.

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