TN 13 (11-11)

GN 01010.042 Prior uncollected annual earnings test (AET) penalties

A. Adjudicator responsibility for AET penalties

The adjudicator is responsible for identifying uncollected AET penalties on a prior claim. For example, if an applicant for retirement benefits previously received mother or father’s benefits and that record indicates an overpayment (O/P) balance exists due to the AET, you must determine if a penalty applies. You can only adjust an uncollected penalty from benefits due the individual who incurred the violation. For more information on collection of penalties, see GN 02604.150B.

B. Determining if a penalty exists

Obtain and review the following queries to determine if an uncollected AET penalty exists:

  • Special Message (SP MSG) Query;

  • Query Response Overpayment (QROP) Query;

  • Master Beneficiary Record (MBR) Query.

    If AET penalty information is not present in any of these queries, or if the O/P type is other than AET, take no further action. An uncollected AET penalty does not exist.

C. AET penalty exists

If the PENALTY data line of the MBR shows that an uncollected AET penalty exists for a current claimant, do not process the subsequent claim thru MCS EC and take the following actions:

  • Process the claim manually by preparing an Automated 101 (A101) or an Electronic Form (EF101); and,

  • Annotate the Benefit Continuity Remarks/Notice (BCRN) screen with the remark “UNCOLLECTED AET PENALTY EXISTS - INITIATE RECOVERY FROM BIC     ” to alert the processing center (PC).

D. References

  • GN 02604.150 Collection of Penalties

  • SM 00510.290 HI Premium Reduction (HI P-RED) Data Line

  • MSOM T2PE 009.001 Electronic Form 101 Process – Overview

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