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GN 01020.250 Use of form SSA-3601 — General

A. Introduction

The Form SSA-3601 is used to notify the PC/OCO that additional actions are needed on a claim. For DOFA claims, the claims representative prepares all required notices, diaries and listings.

This form has been redesigned to facilitate the entry of its attached claims material into PCACS. The information within the large block at the top of the form corresponds to PCACS data needed to ensure proper routing within the PC/ OCO.

B. Procedure

The FO will prepare Form SSA-3601 for all claims, i.e., the Automated 101 claims and for those MCS-EC claims for which a cover sheet has not been printed. (Cover sheet generation through MCS-EC will be available effective with MCS Release 3.7.) Do not use Form SSA-3601 to forward post-adjudicative material to the PC/OCO. The SSA-409 is used for that purpose.

The claims representative is responsible for accurately displaying all necessary information on the SSA-3601.

The FO will place the SSA-3601 on top of the claims material. In preparation for paperless processing in the PC/OCO, a single staple should be used in the top, center of the material. If there is too much material for a single staple, use a large clip instead. Before a document can be scanned into the paperless processing system in the PC/OCO, all paper clips and staples must be removed. To aid in scanning and to reduce paper jams, staples must be kept away from the edges of all papers. All entries on the SSA-3601 should be made with black or dark blue ink to facilitate the imaging process.

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