TN 3 (05-99)

GN 01020.265 Action required

A. Introduction

The Action Required block is used to notify the PC that they must take action on the claim being forwarded.

B. Procedure

Mark this block when PC action is required on a claim. In addition, mark one or more of the following blocks as appropriate to alert the PC to the action they should take.

1. Unprocessed

Mark the Unprocessed block if the FO has not completed the allowance or disallowance action. The FO should also enter the reason the action has not been completed.

2. Non-DOFA

Mark the Non-DOFA block if the claim is non-DOFA.

3. Processed claim - Review needed

Mark the Processed claim-review needed block when a partial or conditional award (GN 01010.110) is being forwarded to the PC. State the reason PC review is necessary.

4. Notice - Incomplete/Special

Mark the Notice - Incomplete/Special block when a dictated or special notice is required on a processed claim. State the reason for the notice and include the appropriate dictated language on the RPOC Screen or on an SSA-5002.

5. Diary established

Mark the Diary established block to alert the PC that the FO has established a diary using MCS on a processed claim. State the reason for the diary.

Indicate the reason for the diary on the RPOC Screen also. This will facilitate PC action on the matured diary as the claims file will usually not be available when the diary matures.

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