TN 7 (08-23)

GN 01050.005 Claim numbers

The Social Security number (SSN) of the number holder (NH) will be used as the basic number for each claim based on their E/R. Suffix letters (with subscript as required) are added to the SSN to identify the type of claim. The suffix letter with subscript (if needed) is known as the claim symbol, benefit symbol, or beneficiary identification code (BIC).


No special suffix and/or subscripts are provided for the following: benefits at age 72 based on transitional insured status, Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) where there is entitlement to a monthly benefit or Hospital Insurance Benefits (HIB), and HIB where there is entitlement to a monthly insurance benefit. In these cases other means of identification, which are provided in the file, are deemed adequate for operating purposes.

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