TN 1 (06-86)

GN 01050.085 Cross-References in RSI Case Control System

The record of each SSN in the RSI Case Control System contains all related and dual-entitlement SSN's. The records analysis clerk can obtain these SSN's by querying the system. When the current claim is received by the records analysis clerk, or claims authorizer in ODO, the related folder, MBR or microfiche printout, telephone contact for out-of-area information, or an RC is associated with the current claim before it is forwarded to the claims authorizer. In some cases, the folders are stapled together (see section 280 of the Material Control and Records Maintenance Manual) and in others they are banded together. When two folders are received by the claims authorizer banded together, they should remain banded together until all actions are completed. They are separated when they are returned to merged files. In the PSC's and INTPSC the stapling or banding together of folders is the responsibility of the records analysis clerk. In ODO, follow local procedures.

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