TN 1 (06-86)

GN 01050.240 Pertinent Material

A. Integral part of claims file

Pertinent material is an integral part of the claimant's case and, whether favorable or unfavorable must be included in the file. The instructions in this and the following sections are intended as guides.

B. General description of what material is pertinent

Pertinent material includes more than evidence that establishes fact or supports statements. It means material required or suggested by claims instruction, including any material that conflicts or disagrees with the application or other evidence. It may also include correspondence or copies of correspondence if relevant to a point in issue.

Whenever the evidence on any material issue leaves room for doubt or question, your personal observations and opinions may be pertinent and should be included in the file on an RC. If in doubt about any material, include it.

C. Claims inquiries

Include in the file general claims inquiries, SSA questionnaires, or other writings on the basis of which benefits or claims are awarded, or filing dates are established. See also GN 00301.015.

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