TN 3 (02-95)

GN 01703.100 Crediting Foreign Coverage

A. Introduction

Instructions for crediting foreign coverage are located in the subchapters on DIO processing under each specific agreement. The general instructions in this section are common to all agreements.

B. Policy

The following is the policy for crediting foreign coverage:

1. Eligibility

Number holders (NHs) must have at least 6 U.S. quarters of coverage (QCs) for them or their survivors to be eligible for totalization benefits from the United States.

2. Crediting foreign coverage

Foreign coverage is used only if it is needed to meet:

  • fully or currently insured status for RSDI benefits

  • requirements for entitlement to RSDI benefits at an earlier month of entitlement (MOEN)

  • 20/40 for disability insured status

  • special age 31 insured status.

3. Coinciding coverage

Coverage credited for the same period by the social security systems of both the United States and the foreign country (coinciding coverage) cannot be used twice to establish insured status. When coinciding coverage occurs, only the coverage under the U.S. system may be used. Foreign coverage may not be credited to quarters in which U.S. coverage is already credited.

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