TN 2 (09-85)

GN 01704.515 School Attendance

Obtain full-time attendance information for INPS only.

If there is proof of school attendance; e.g., the school certification part of the SSA-1372BK-FC or any other statement verifying attendance, signed and dated by a school official in the file, photocopy it, certify the photocopy, if appropriate, and forward the photocopy to the appropriate INPS agency along with the claims package. In addition, annotate part IV of Form SSA-2960-U5-IT with attendance information; e.g., “ (Name of student) alleges attendance from (mo., day, year) to (mo., day, year).”

Do not send an agency of any other country school attendance information.

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GN 01704.515 - School Attendance - 08/17/2004
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