TN 2 (09-85)

GN 01704.725 Totalization Claims Packages for INPS

A. Claim not filed with INPS

Do not request IT/USA 5s if the worker on whose record the claim is filed has less than six U.S. QCs and/or the claimant does not meet all factors of entitlement for RSDI benefits; i.e., age, relationship, etc.

Prepare claims packages for INPS as outlined below. If the Form SSA-3954-BK-IT is:

Restricted to benefits from the U.S.3.
Restricted to benefits from ITALY
a.SSA-2960-U5-IT (requesting IT/USA 5) or IT/USA 3**a.SSA-2960-U5-IT
(requesting IT/USA 5)
a.SSA-2960-U5-IT certificateb.P/C of certification *(not needed if claimant has never filed for U.S. benefits)
c.student and/or medical evidence, properly certified*  c.student and/or medical*evidence, properly certified
d.original SSA-3954-BK-IT—prepare P/C for totalization folder  d.original SSA-3954-BK-IT—prepare P/C for totalization folder
e.SSA-794TR (ER)  e.SSA-794TR (ER)

*BETs should include all documents (certified or uncertified) submitted by the claimant in support of the claim from Italy.

**Request IT/USA 3, if part II, item 2.a. on Form SSA-1279-U3-IT is checked.

Final packages

Prepare a final package for INPS only if totalization benefits are awarded or the NH is not insured even with Italian earnings. The final package contains:

  1. SSA-2960-U5-IT; and

  2. Liaison certification form.

B. Packages for claims filed with INPS

If a claimant files with INPS, he/she will complete an application IT/USA 1. INPS forwards the IT/USA 1 and three copies of Form IT/USA 3 (Italian earnings certification) to DIO. The CS takes all necessary actions on the RSDI claim(s) and notice(s). The BET obtains the necessary documentation and earnings record information required by INPS.

The BET then prepares a package for INPS as follows. If the IT/USA 1 is:

1. Unrestricted2.
Restricted to benefits from the U.S.3.
Restricted to benefits from ITALY*
a.SSA-2960-U5-IT NONEa.SSA-2960-U5-IT
b.Properly Completed IT/USA 3 (See GN 01704.815)  b.SSA-794 (ER)
    c.Properly completed IT/USA 3 (See GN 01704.815)

*Applications (IT/USA 1), even though restricted to Italy, are considered claims leads if any of the claimants are not entitled to RSDI benefits and appear eligible.

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