TN 2 (09-85)

GN 01704.735 Claims Packages for Caisse Suisse de Compensation (CSC)

A. General

The CSC does not require U.S. earnings information.

However, in two situations, the CSC does require U.S. QC information for specific years. Those situations are:

  1. Disability claims; and

  2. Claims for orphan benefits on the record of a deceased mother.

If either of these situations apply, complete part I, item 3 on Form SSA-1279-U3-SZ.

B. Claims filed in Switzerland

The CSC will forward Swiss earnings certifications for U.S. totalization claimants who file claims at a Swiss agency providing the CSC has the information on file; i.e., the claimant previously filed a claim with the CSC. The CSC will route the certifications to the FSP in Switzerland.

The FSP in Switzerland will request a Swiss coverage certificate (E 205 CH) from the CSC for claims originating in the FSP or referred to the FSP by the CSC if it appears the NH has at least six QCs but is not insured based on U.S. QCs alone. The FSP will not request a form E 205 CH if it appears the NH does not have six QCs or is insured based on U.S. QCs. Therefore, there may be a small number of claims filed in the FSP which require a form E 205 CH but for which no E 205 CH was requested by the FSP. It will be necessary for LCs to request a E 205 CH for these cases by completing a Form SSA-2960-U4-SZ.

In addition, the FSP in Switzerland will forward all applications not restricted to U.S. benefits to the CSC. Therefore, it should seldom be necessary to contact the CSC regarding claims filed in Switzerland.

C. Claim filed in United States or third country—Unrestricted benefits claimed

1. Claimant Is a Swiss National2. Claimant Is Non-Swiss National
1)SSA-2960-U4-SZ (requesting E 205 CH)1)SSA-2960-U4-SZ1)SSA-2960-U4-SZ (requesting E 205 CH)1)SSA-2960-U4-SZ
2)Appropriate liaison form(s)2)Appropriate liaison form(s)2)Appropriate *Swiss application2)Appropriate*Swiss application
3)Consent statement3)Swiss documents3)Appropriate liaison form(s)3)Appropriate liaison form(s)
4)Swiss documents  4)Swiss documents4)Swiss documents

*See GN 01704.425 C.

NOTE: Diary requests to the CSC for 90 days.

D. Claim filed in the United States or a third country—Claim restricted to benefits from Switzerland (Do not diary)

1. Claimant Is Swiss National2. Claimant Is Non-Swiss National
b.All evidence submitted (prepare certified P/Cs if appropriate)b.Appropriate Swiss Application*
c.Appropriate liaison form(s) if evidence from the folder or the MBR can be certified (i.e., if claimant filed for RSDI benefits previously)c.All evidence submitted—prepare certified P/Cs if appropriate
  d.Appropriate liaison form(s)

*See GN 01704.425 C.

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