TN 2 (09-85)

GN 01704.830 Transmitting Material to Foreign Agencies

Always make an entry in the foreign social security number block on transmittal request forms and liaison forms. If this number is not available; i.e., it is not shown on any of the material in the folder, enter “Unknown.”

In addition, be careful to complete all the spaces in the identifying portion of the forms. The “name at birth” spaces should be completed whenever applicable; enter a female's maiden name in this space and in other instances where name at birth differs from the name currently being used. (For example, many foreign-born individuals “Americanize” their names when they come to the United States.)

Make certain that responses to the foreign agencies fulfill the requirements of the particular agreement. For instance, because Italy requires complete U.S. earnings information, when INPS requests a U.S. ER, lag earnings and M/ S must be developed if this information is not available in an RSDI folder in INTPSC. In order to obtain all the earnings information needed by INPS as efficiently as possible, simultaneously request an ER by completing a Form SSA-L5025-NC and request lag information, proof of lag if appropriate, M/S information and proof of M/S if appropriate by completing a Form SSA-4766-U3 (see GN 01704.555).

Check the requirements for each agreement before releasing responses to foreign agencies (see GN 01704.500-GN 01704.530).

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