TN 2 (09-85)

GN 01704.890 Handling Material Returned by German Agencies

Occasionally, German agencies return the material we have sent to them. Returned material should be handled as follows:

A. If there is no explanation

Prepare a new Form SSA-2960-U2-GE, carefully block-printed. Check the liaison forms—if they are written, blurred or inaccurate, prepare new forms carefully block-printed. Return package to the proper German agency.

B. If a German form 6.146 accompanies package

1. General

This form has a list of reasons for returning the package. The applicable reason(s) will be checked. Translate them as shown below:

  1. Die Schreibseise des Vor-,Zu-oder Geburtsnamens weicht von der Schreibweise der Unterschrift ab. Der Vor-,-oder Geburtsname ist unleserlich geschrieben/Name and signature disagree.

  2. Das Geburtsdatum fehlt oder ist unvollstandig/Date of birth missing or incorrect.

  3. Die Angabe des Geburtsnamens fehlt (Feld 3 erganzen)/Sex is missing.

  4. Die Staatsangehorigkeit fehlt/Citizenship is missing.

  5. Der Feburtsort fehlt (Feld 8 erganzen)/Place of birth is missing.

  6. Die Anschrift ist fehlt/Address incomplete, illegible or missing.

  7. Die Versicherungsnummer ist fehlt/German account number is incorrect.

Other remarks in German must be translated.

2. How to respond

Provide the agency with the requested information obtained from the folder, through the district office or by direct contact. Block-print the information on the back of the German form, along with the date, your signature and the number of attachments. Forward the form along with all the attachments to the BfA.

3. Special situations

  1. If claimant resides outside the United States and the information requested is not in the folder, annotate the back of the German form with the remark “Information Not Available.” Print the claimant's name and current address, sign and date the form and return it to the BfA with all the attachments.

  2. If the date of birth is incorrect, make certain that the month and day information has not been transposed on the liaison form. If the transposition caused the problem, line through the incorrect dates, prepare a supplemental liaison form displaying the correct information—sign, date and stamp the supplemental form—do not recertify information which was previously certified correctly. Return the entire package to the BfA.

    If the DOB is correct and is “verified” on the liaison form, annotate the back of the German form, “We have determined that the correct date of birth is (month, day, year) as previously certified.” Sign and date the form and return the package to the BfA.

  3. If the German account number is incorrect, make certain that the number was copied correctly. If it was not, line through the incorrect number on the returned liaison form(s), prepare a supplemental liaison form showing the correct number, sign, date and seal the supplemental form and return the entire package to the BfA.

    If the German number was copied correctly, provide the agency with all possible identifying information via a liaison form, sign, date and seal the form and return the entire package to the BfA.

C. If a German form 6.3299 accompanies package

If a German Form 6.3299 accompanies the package, prepare a new Form SSA-2960-U2-GE carefully block-printed, check to make sure all the information provided originally is correct—if it is not, prepare a supplemental liaison form with correct information, sign, date and stamp it, line through incorrect information on original and return the entire package to the BfA.

D. If LVA returns package

If the LVA returns the package, the LVA usually uses a cover sheet requesting additional information which can be translated as follows:

  1. Name des/der Versicherten/Name of the Worker

  2. Vorname/First Name

  3. Geburtsname/Name at Birth

  4. Geburtsdatum/Date of Birth

  5. Akten-oder Rentenzeichen oder Versicherungsnummer/Reference number of (German) Insurance Number

Fill in the requested information on the German form, sign and date it and return the entire package to the LVA.

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