TN 2 (09-85)

GN 01704.900 Handling German Life Certificates

A. General

The life certificate, Germany's version of a foreign enforcement form, is sent to German pensioners residing in the United States. Its basic function is to verify that the individual is still alive. Although the certificates vary in origin and format, the same information is being requested.

B. Responding to inquiries from DOs

If a DO should request instructions on how to assist the individual in completing the form, advise the DO to have the individual answer the questions on the form and present proof of identity (e.g., a passport, identity card, citizenship certificate or driver's license with photograph). Once identity has been proven, the DO representative should sign and date the form in the certification block and include the DO stamp in the space labelled “seal.” The form should be returned to the individual for mailing to the appropriate German agency.

C. LC procedure

If the individual sends the form directly to INTPSC, check the claims folder or obtain an MBR to determine whether SSA's records verify that the individual is alive.

  1. 1. 

    If the claims folder is in INTPSC, does not contain the necessary verification and there is no MBR, return the form to the sender advising him or her to take the form and proper identification to the nearest DO or German Consulate for assistance.

  2. 2. 

    If verification is available, sign, date and authenticate the form and forward it to the appropriate agency.

  3. 3. 

    If our records indicate the individual is deceased, refer the case immediately to the CATA.

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