TN 2 (09-85)

GN 01704.910 Final Disposition of Folders

A. General

After preparing claims packages for foreign agencies, if no further action is required, determine if the RSDI folder should be filed with the TF folder or if it should be routed to Modules 1 through 6 in INTPSC, to a PC or to ODO. If the TSC code is other than “D3” or “E1,” the RSDI folder should be filed with the TF folder.

NOTE: Do not separate RSDI folders from TF folders if there are no beneficiaries entitled to monthly benefits at this time, even if TSC is D3.

B. Routing RSDI folders with TSC D3 or TSC E1

Examine the RSDI folder to determine if even one beneficiary lives outside the United States. It may be necessary to review the applications if the award form shows a bank address.

  1. 1. 

    If any presently entitled beneficiary has a foreign address, send the RSDI folder to the correct INTPSC M1-M6 based on the following terminal digits:

Terminal Digit Module
00-16 M1
17-33 M2
34-50 M3
51-67 M4
68-83 M5
84-99 M6
  1. 2. 

    If all presently entitled beneficiaries have domestic addresses, check the PIC on the Form SSA-2417, SSA-101-U3 or SSA-3428-U2:

    1. a. 

      If it is a life case, the PIC is “HA” and the “HA” is under age 59, route the folder first to a BA and then to a records analysis clerk (RAC). Annotate routing form, “Transfer to ODO.”

    2. b. 

      If it is a survivor case or a life case with a PIC “A” or “HA” and the “HA” is 59 years old or older, route the folder first to a BA and then to a RAC. Annotate the form, “Transfer to PC (show name of PC).” Determine the correct PC from the following jurisdiction chart:

Serviced By
001-134 Northeastern Program Service Center
135-222 Mid-Atlantic Program Service Center
268-302 Great Lakes Program Service Center
700 Series
223-231 Southeastern Program Service
303-315 Mid-America Program Service
501-504 Western Program Service Center

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