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GN 01705.001 Overview of the Totalization Agreement with Italy

A. Introduction to the U.S - Italian Totalization agreement

The social security agreement between the United States and Italy:

  • Eliminates dual social security coverage and taxation of the same work in the two countries; and

  • Permits workers who do not meet the normal insured status requirements (and their family members) to qualify for partial U.S. or Italian benefits; and

  • Permits entitlement to benefits based on a combination of periods of coverage earned in the United States and Italy.

B. Purpose of the U.S. - Italian Totalization agreement instructions

This subchapter provides:

  • Information about the Italian social security system; and

  • Eligibility requirements for benefits under the Italian social security system and under the agreement; and

  • Instructions on how to take and process claims for both U.S. and Italian benefits filed under the agreement.

NOTE: For more information about how the agreement eliminates dual coverage, see sections RS 02001.050 through RS 02001.055.

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