TN 5 (08-94)

GN 01705.130 Recomputation of Italian Totalization Benefits

A. Introduction

Italy counts both U.S. and Italian periods of coverage when computing totalization benefits. As a result, any additional periods of coverage the NH earns in either country after initial entitlement could increase the amount of the benefit. Under the agreement, Italy will recompute a totalization benefit to take account of additional U.S. QC's or additional Italian coverage and pay the recomputed amount provided it is higher.

B. Policy

  • A written request must be made to have additional U.S. coverage considered.

  • The first request may be filed no earlier than 2 years after the first month of entitlement to the Italian totalization benefit. Subsequent requests may be filed every 2 years.

C. Procedure

When a beneficiary submits a written request to an FO asking that his or her Italian totalization benefit be recomputed:

  • develop any lag earnings, and

  • forward the request to OIO at the address in GN 01702.310.

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GN 01705.130 - Recomputation of Italian Totalization Benefits - 08/10/1994
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