TN 4 (07-96)

GN 01707.001 Overview of Agreement with Germany

A. Introduction

The Social Security agreement between the United States and Germany

  • eliminates dual Social Security coverage and taxation of the same work, and

  • permits workers (and their family members) to qualify for partial U.S. or German benefits, called totalization benefits, based on combined work credits from both countries.

B. Definition

Germany,as used in this subchapter, means the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) including the former German Democratic Republic (East Germany).

NOTE:On 10/3/90, East Germany merged with the FRG. The FRG Social Security system now applies in the former East Germany.

C. Preview

The following sections give a brief overview of the German system, explain the provisions of the agreement, and provide instructions on how to take and process claims for both U.S. and German benefits filed under the agreement.

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