TN 10 (10-22)

GN 01707.212 Evidence Required to Establish Unverified Periods of German Coverage

A. Introduction

Under the German system, workers are encouraged to have their coverage records officially verified by the responsible German agency prior to applying for benefits. Workers whose coverage has been verified receive a computer produced statement from a German agency indicating all verified periods of coverage, including any noncontributory periods.

Workers who have not had their coverage verified may have periods of both contributory and noncontributory coverage under the German system which are not shown on the records of the German agencies.

B. Policy

The German agencies require that evidence be submitted to establish periods of unverified coverage. Original documents are required to establish periods of contributory coverage. Photocopies of evidence certified by SSA can be used only to establish periods of noncontributory coverage.

C. Procedure

1. General

Accept any evidence of unverified periods of coverage the applicant wishes to submit. Do not attempt to secure evidence of unverified periods for the claimant. If the claimant requests guidance on the types of evidence to submit, refer to 2. and 3. below.

2. Contributory coverage

Ask the claimant to submit the originals of any evidence in the claimant's possession, e.g., insurance cards, credit certificates, contribution certificates or statements of record.

3. Noncontributory coverage

Make certified photocopies of any evidence the claimant submits to establish periods of noncontributory coverage as indicated in the guidelines shown below.

a. Substitute periods

Ask for proof of German military service only if the service was after 1950. Germany will request evidence for periods prior to 1951, if needed, directly from the claimant. Evidence of military service includes (but is not limited to) a “Certificate of Service,” military paybook or draft notice.

Interned prisoners of war may submit a discharge certificate or a “Homecomer's Certificate.”

b. Child-Rearing credits

Ask the claimant to submit evidence of child-rearing credits for periods prior to 1/1/86. Such evidence can include the children's birth certificates along with a statement of dates and places of rearing.

NOTE: German vital statistics offices automatically furnish evidence to German social security agencies to establish child rearing credits for periods after 12/31/85.

c. Credits for expelled persons

Ask the claimant for evidence that the worker, surviving spouse, or former spouse was an expelled person or refugee. Such evidence includes a certificate or ID card that proves this status.

d. Credits for excused periods

  • Ask for a physician's or mid-wife's certificate for persons whose work was interrupted by illness or pregnancy.

  • Ask for a labor office certificate for persons whose work was interrupted because of involuntary unemployment.

  • Ask for a school certificate, diploma or graduate degree for persons whose work was interrupted by educational or vocational training.

D. Reference

  • GN 01707.016, Noncontributory Coverage under the German System

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