TN 10 (10-22)

GN 01709.015 Benefits, Coverage, and Contributions under the Swiss System

A. Overview of the Swiss social security system

The Swiss social security system provides a wide range of benefits including retirement, survivors and disability benefits. To qualify for Swiss benefits, a worker must meet minimum coverage or recency-of-work requirements that vary depending on the type of benefit. Switzerland can pay some benefits with as little as one year of contributions. Switzerland computes benefit amounts based on the length of time the worker contributed to the Swiss system and the level of the worker's earnings.

B. Types of coverage

1. Compulsory contributions

In general, Swiss social security covers all residents of Switzerland.

Non-working residents over age 20 who have other sources of income also have coverage. Covered employees, their employers, covered self-employed persons and nonworking residents with other income are subject to compulsory contributions with the exception of a non-working partner of a covered worker. Persons residing in Switzerland who are not in covered employment pay a flat-rate annual contribution based on their current socio-economic conditions.

2. Voluntary contributions

Swiss nationals who reside outside of Switzerland and who do not have compulsory Swiss coverage may make voluntary social security contributions to build future benefit rights. (e.g., self-employed persons).

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