TN 2 (12-94)

GN 01711.220 Additional Application Forms for Norwegian Benefits

A. Introduction

In addition to the Form SSA-2490-F4, an applicant for Norwegian benefits must complete a special Norwegian application form. The form(s) to be completed vary depending on the type of benefit claimed.

B. Process

The special application forms are not taken in the Field Offices (FO). After receiving a claim for Norwegian benefits that was filed with an FO, OIO mails the appropriate Norwegian application to the applicant with instructions to the applicant to complete the form and mail it directly to Norway. (These application forms are identified as N-USA-1.1 (application for old-age pension), N-USA-1.2 (application for disability pension), and N-USA-1.3 (application for survivor pension)).

C. Procedure

If an applicant brings one of the Norwegian application forms to the FO:

  • provide any necessary assistance in completing the form, and

  • return the application(s) to the applicant and advise him or her to return it directly to Norway at the address shown on the application form.

Reminder: Do not mail Norwegian forms to OIO.

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