TN 1 (03-97)

GN 01714.320 Belgian Request for Income Statement

A. Introduction

Belgian benefits are subject to reduction if certain family income levels are exceeded. Family income includes income from a spouse's work and income from social welfare benefits. Therefore, Belgium may require a declaration about income.

B. Procedure

Follow this procedure if a Belgian liaison agency provides a copy of the income statement and requests that it be completed.

  • Forward the form to the claimant or spouse as requested by the Belgian agency.

  • Diary the request for 60 days.

  • Send a follow-up and diary it for 30 days if no response is received.

  • Advise the Belgian agency if no response is received after the follow-up (i.e. after 90 days).

  • When the income statement is returned to DIO, verify that the form has been signed; and return the completed form to the Belgian agency.

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