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GN 01716.006 How the Totalization Modules Determine if Canada Needs a U.S. Earnings Record

A. Policy

A U.S. earnings record is NOT needed in the following situations:

  • the applicant is requesting CPP or QPP retirement benefits only,

  • the applicant is requesting death benefits and the worker died before August 1, 1984,

  • the applicant is requesting Old Age Security (OAS) benefits and alleges 22 or more years of Canadian residence after he/she attained age 18,

  • the claim originated with Ottawa or Quebec. In this situation the foreign agency requests the U.S. earnings record directly from DIO if they need it, or

  • the designated border FO has already sent a claims package which included a U.S. earnings record.

B. Procedure

Follow these steps if Ottawa or Quebec requires a U.S. earnings record.

NOTE: Instructions for preparing a claims package pertain to claims taken in nondesignated border FOs and third countries. If the claim was taken at a border FO, and that office prepared a claims package for Ottawa or Quebec, ignore these instructions.


1 Determine if a U.S. earnings record is in file. If no, request a totalization earnings record via the Informational/Certified Earnings Records System (ICERS) and enter “CANAD” in the remarks.
2 Include the earnings record in the claims package to be sent to Ottawa or Quebec.
3 Do not develop lag earnings for Canada. Show years of alleged lag earnings in “Remarks” on form SSA-e2960-U3-CQ. However, lag earnings must generally be developed for claims for U.S. benefits (See GN 01702.105.B concerning lag earnings).
4 Do not determine if additional credits can be established due to unresolved # signs or unposted quarters for 1951 and 1952. Do not develop for unposted military service 1952 and later unless this information is required for the U.S. claim. If additional U.S. QCs could possibly be established after 1951, include the following remark on form SSA-e2960-U3-CQ (U.S. Canada Agreement on Social Security Transmittal and Liaison): “Additional coverage possible for              . Please advise if you require credit information for this (these) year(s).” Develop to establish certification of these additional periods if Canada requests them.

C. Reference

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