TN 1 (09-93)

GN 01717.125 Eligibility for Swedish Benefits Under the Agreement

A. Policy- General

The agreement provides that Sweden will count a worker's U.S. coverage when determining eligibility for Swedish benefits if the worker:

  • is not insured based on Swedish coverage alone, and

  • has at least one year of ATP coverage or pre-1960 Swedish tax assessment.

1. ATP Pension

U.S. QC's can be used to meet the 3-year ATP coverage requirement regardless of the claimant's or worker's nationality.

2. Basic Pension

U.S. nationals, refugees, and stateless persons (or their
dependents or survivors) may qualify for basic pensions on the same basis as Swedish nationals living outside Sweden. Consequently, Swedish basic pensions are payable if ATP pension eligibility is met, even when U.S. QC's are used to meet the ATP eligibility requirements.

B. Policy- Crediting U.S. coverage

Sweden will credit 1 year of Swedish coverage (1 pension point year) for every 4 U.S. quarters of coverage. However, Sweden will not credit any QC's in calendar years which are already credited as pension point years under the Swedish system.

C. References

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GN 01717.125 - Eligibility for Swedish Benefits Under the Agreement - 09/09/1993
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