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GN 01720.235 Facts About the U.K. Liaison Forms

A. Policy

The primary liaison form used by the U.K. agencies is a computer produced form which includes the U.K. coverage certification. It is designated as “Forms UK /USA 2 and 3”. However, the U.K. agencies may also use the traditional form UK/USA 2.

Both of the forms mentioned above are acceptable for the U.K. agency to:

  • transmit material to OIO or the FSP,

  • send information to OIO or the FSP, and

  • request information from OIO.

B. Description of the computer produced Forms UK/USA 2 and 3

This form utilizes a unique generic numbering system for the specific items on the form. Under this system the numbered item is usually shown on the form only if it is pertinent to the specific case. For example, item 2.11 is designated as Date of Marriage in the left hand column. If that date is known and is pertinent to the case, it will be shown in the right hand column. If the date was immaterial or the person never married, item 2.11 would either not appear on the form or would contain the entry “none” or “not known” .

Some important things to know about the form:

  • The person's U.S. SSN appears as item 1.3, Your Reference Number and /or as item 3.3, Your Insurance Number.

  • The Name of Worker is item 1.4.

  • If the date of an event (birth, marriage etc.) has been proven by documentary evidence, the word “verified” will appear immediately after that date.

  • The “claim under the agreement” statement, which is usually required before we can release information under the Privacy Act, can be found either in the “Liaison Details” or in the “Ad-Hoc Section.”

C. Procedure

Follow these guidelines to process U.K. liaison forms:

  • Determine if a U.S. claim's lead exists.

  • If a U.S. claim's lead exists, respond to the U.K. request (if any) via a form SSA-2960-U3-UK and forward the case to a CA.

  • If there is no U.S. claim's lead and the response consists only of a single attachment, respond to the U.K. request either by SSA-2960-U3-UK or by attaching the response to the U.K. liaison form and reversing the addresses on the form.

D. Exhibit - Computer form UK/USA 2&3

E. Exhibit - UK/USA 2

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