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GN 01724.105 French Coverage Certification

A. Introduction

This section tells you what the most common French coverage record looks like and describes the entries on the form.

B. Description of french coverage record

The following list describes the items needed when crediting coverage.

1. No immatr. S.S.

French Social Security number

2. Ann Ref.

Year to which coverage is credited in France.

3. Trimestres 4*

Total quarters of coverage credited by French system for the year.

4. Trimestres Ouverture Des Droits 1+2+3+4

Total quarters of coverage credited to this worker by France under all French systems.

C. Procedure

NOTE: French coverage records may be submitted in formats other than that described above.

  • Submit coverage records with unfamiliar formats to IOTS for assessment.

  • Establish a central precedent file binder in each module to house examples of all formats approved or rejected by IOTS.

  • Consult the precedent binder before submitting new formats to IOTS.

  • File a copy of each new approved or rejected format in the precedent binder.

  • Return coverage records which do not show coverage in trimestres to the issuing agency and request them to send a corrected record showing coverage in trimestres.

    Note: Some funds, particularly agricultural funds, show coverage in points rather than trimestres.

D. Exhibit




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