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GN 01729.020 Austrian Social Security Benefits – Eligibility Requirements

A. Introduction

Although Austria pays many different categories of benefits, this section describes only the retirement, disability and survivors benefits. These are the only Austrian benefits included within the scope of the agreement.

B. Policy — Workers

1. Retirement Benefits

The eligibility requirements for Austrian retirement benefits are as follows:

a. Age 65 for Men and Age 60 for Women

Age 65 for men and age 60 for women with at least:

  • 15 years of contributions, or

  • 25 years of contributory and certain noncontributory periods, such as periods during which the individual received sickness or unemployment benefits, a maternity allowance, or state child care benefits in the first 18 months after giving birth, or

  • 15 years of contributory and certain noncontributory periods within the last 30 years.

b. Age 61 1/2 for Men and Age 56 1/2 for Women

Age 61½ for men born after October 1945 and age 56½ for women born after October 1950, with completion of specified minimum coverage requirements. The minimum age for early retirement benefits is age 60 for men born before October 1945 and age 55 for women born before October 1950 if other specified coverage requirements are met. Full retirement is necessary.

2. Disability Benefits

The worker must have a loss of more than 50 percent of earnings as a result of a disability that is expected to last 6 months, and not be entitled to a retirement pension. In addition, the worker must have

  • 15 years of contributions, or

  • 5 years of contributions or noncontributory coverage in the last 10 years if disabled before age 50. If disabled after age 50, the minimum coverage requirement and the period during which it must be earned increase gradually to 15 years in the last 30 years, or

  • at least 6 months of coverage if the disability resulted from a work accident or occupational disease that began before age 27.

C. Policy – Dependents of retired or disabled workers

1. Spouses

There is no provision for spouses’ benefits.

2. Divorced Spouses

There is no provision for divorced spouses’ benefits.

3. Children

There is no provision for benefits paid to children. However, a supplement is paid to the worker for each child:

  • Under age 18, or age 27 if a student, or

  • Disabled regardless of age.

D. Policy – Survivors

At the time of death, the deceased worker must have met the same minimum coverage requirement as for disability benefits. The survivor must meet the following:

1. Widow(er)

There is no age requirement. However, if the marriage lasted less than 10 years and no child was born, the benefit may be limited to 30 months if the widow(er) was under age 35 at the time of the worker’s death or the deceased was over age 65 (men) or age 60 (women) at the time of the marriage. Remarriage terminates the benefit but a one-time payment equal to 35 monthly payments is made if the widow(er)’s benefit was not subject to the 30-month time limit.

2. Divorced Widow(er)

The divorced widow(er) must have been receiving or been entitled to maintenance payments from the worker and meet the same requirements as for widow(er)’s benefits.

3. Children

The eligibility requirements for children to receive Austrian survivors benefits are as follows:

  • Under age 18, or age 27 if a student, or

  • Any age if disabled.

4. Death Benefit

A one-time payment may be paid to family members if there are no monthly survivor benefits payable.

E. Procedure

Advise individuals that SSA cannot give official information about Austrian benefits. Refer those individuals who want official information to the Main Association of Austrian Insurance Agencies at the following address:

Hauptverband der Oesterreichischen
Kundmanngasse 21
A-1031 Vienna

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