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GN 01730.325 Austrian Preferential Treatment Cases

A. Background

Since 1956, Austrian social insurance law has provided preferential treatment for certain persons who were persecuted during the Nazi occupation of Austria from 1938-1945. In recent years, the law (known in Austria as ASVG) has been liberalized by various amendments, the most recent being the 51st which was effective on July 1, 1993.

Claimants or inquirers about the preferential treatment provisions ofter refer to persecution before or during World War II and may refer to the 48th or 51st amendment to the ASVG. They might also use terms such as “repatriation” or “voluntary contributions”.

B. Procedure

Use the following procedure when handling a claim or inquiry related to the Austrian preferential treatment provisions.

  • Refer a claim or inquiry received in connection with a claim for monthly benefits to HOS following the usual procedure for claims under the agreement in GN 01730.005 and 01730.010. No specific action related to the preferential treatment provisions is necessary.

  • Send any inquiries, about these provisions, not in connection with a claim for monthly benefits, via form SSA-2960-U3-AU to the PVANG office in Vienna, located at:

    Friedrich Hillegeist Strasse 1
    1021 Vienna

    Do not certify any information on the SSA-2960-U3-AU and do not send a U.S. earnings record unless requested by the Austrian agency. In the remarks section of the SSA-2960-U3-AU enter “PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT INQUIRY ATTACHED.”

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